This year, for the sixth time, Ron and Bonnie Koteskey traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where they could be available to 400 teachers serving in five Asian countries: China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. The teachers were attending a week-long conference and could make appointments with Ron & Bonnie or another counselor who was also there. Ron & Bonnie also met with cross-cultural workers at home, skyped and phoned them anywhere in the world, and responded to email. They also participated in the Research and Resource Fair at the annual Conference on Mental Health and Missions.
Their largest ministry continues to be their websites, Missionary Care and Cross Cultural Workers where they now have 11 books and 75 brochures available to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Like last year, about 50,000 unique visitors from nearly 180 countries viewed nearly 500,000 pages on their websites. The number of brochures viewed or downloaded increased from 129,000 to 138,000. However, with the books now also available in formats for Kindle and other E-readers, the number of books downloaded more than doubled from 15,500 last year to 34,500 this year.