GO InterNational’s Community Health Evangelism Ministry

In 2010 GO InterNational launched an expansion of its medical ministries called Community Health Evangelism (CHE). CHE is a wholistic development strategy whose purpose is to bring together the Great Commandment(loving our neighbor as ourselves) and the Great Commission(making disciples of all nations).  CHE integrates evangelism, discipleship, and church planting with community health and development.  CHE is a ministry strategy to meet the whole need of individuals and communities.  In communities where CHE is implemented people in the community come together to improve their quality of life and people come to Christ. 

Nicaragua TOT 1 November 2016

Chinandega, Nicaragua

GO InterNational has worked with Carlos Mayorga in a wholistic way for many years, conducting spiritual ministry such as pastor training and church planting along side physical ministries such as sanitation projects and economic development.  In 2015 teams laid the foundation to begin Community Health Evangelism.  This led to a Training of Trainers seminar i November 2015.  We are looking forward to see how communities implement CHE in 2016.

CHE training in Owerri, Nigeria.

Owerri, Nigeria
In 2013 our CHE trainers conducted a TOT 1 training for over 40 people through our partner Greatstory International Foundation.  They began working to implement CHE in the community of Umagwa through a malaria project. After the community learned about CHE they selected a committee to oversee the work. We returned in 2015 to conduct TOT 2.  Now the committee has been trained and has selected community volunteers who are begining their training.  The Greatstory team has also begun work in another village near Owerri.

CHE training in Ciudad Juarez

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
We recently launched two new CHE ministries through our partner Jorge Ramirez.  One is in Ciudad Juarez where we are working with the council of evangelical churches. We have identified three neighborhoods who are beginning CHE.  Our other location is in the Sierra region around the village of San Juanito.  We have trained a team led by a doctor at the district hospital which oversees 16 rural village health clinics.  Three of those are also in the process of beginning to develop CHE ministries.

Community CHE meeting in India

Madurai, India
In June 2013 our CHE trainers worked with three different ministries in Madurai, India to help them develop wholistic ministries utilizing CHE.  One of the partner ministries had already identified two potential communities which we visited with our partners as they began the process of helping these communities address their own development needs.

Honduras CHE volunteers in training.

Trujillo, Honduras

In 2011 GO sent a short-term medical team composed of volunteers from Refuge Medical Clinic in Lexington, KY to work with partner Ivan Gallindo Paz and his church in Puerto Castilla.  To follow-up on this project, a training team went to train volunteers from the church in community health evangelism prior to the 2012 medical team.  The church volunteers did evangelism and community health teaching during the medical clinics.  They have followed up with health fairs in two communities and are working toward training volunteers in those villages to further implement CHE in their area.

Hetauda, Nepal CHE Vision Seminar

Hetauda, Nepal
In follow-up to a medical team in 2011, GO has been working with partner Babu Varghese  in the Hetauda, Nepal area to encourage development of CHE. We have identified a project leader who has gone for more CHE training. In April 2012 GO conducted a vision seminar in the area to raise awareness among pastors in the region.  We are continuing to incorporate CHE principles in our medical teams to the area as well.

Why Community Health Evangelism?

  • Nicaragua-Housing-Project-Pics_0001Two-thirds of people in the developing world are unreached with the Good News of Jesus Christ!
  • Nearly one-third of children in the developing world are chronically malnourished
  • 1 out of every 6 people lack access to safe drinking water…about 20% of the world’s population
CHE Principles
  • Emphasis on prevention
  • Long-term development rather than acute relief where communities develop their own solutions
  • Community ownership enhances the dignity of the people created in god’s image
  • Integration of spiritual and physical ministry
  • Transferable principles result in multiplication
  • The progress in a community becomes sustainable without dependence on outside resources
  • Transformation of individuals through new life in Christ results in stronger families, healthier communities, and newly planted churches

How CHE Works

  • IMG_2705GO InterNational begins CHE by identifying international partners with a heart for transforming their community
  • GO equips a training team of people who our partners have identified to enter a community as catalysts for change
  • The training team imparts a vision for holistic development and mobilizes the community to work together
  • The community forms a committee which is trained to oversee the process
  • The committee recruits volunteers from the community who are trained to visit homes, addressing needs while sharing physical and spiritual lessons
  • People come to Christ and are discipled, leading to church planting and church growth
  • Transformed individuals lead to transformed communities

How you can help

  • Pray for the CHE ministry of GO InterNational
  • Come with us as we work to Implement CHE with our partners around the world
  • Financially support CHE through GO InterNational

CHE Champion Updates

Want to know how you can help? Contact Dr. Larry Frick with your questions.