Medical Ministries

The Need – Imagine being sick and not having access to care.
Then imagine your child is sick and you have no way to get care for her.

This scenario is a common occurrence in our world where many lack access to basic medical services.  In some locations the services are simply not available. In other places there may be medical treatment available, but most people cannot afford it.


…The Opportunity

Medical professionals in the US are blessed with the skills, training and financial resources to make a difference to those in need around the world.  GO InterNational provides opportunities through our international partners for medical professionals to use their time, talents, and resources to make an eternal difference.

Medical teams in action

GO InterNational medical teams minister through clinics set up at locations determined together with our national partners.  The team is usually in a remote setting, sometimes without reliable electricity, often working out of a church or school with equipment limited to what the team can bring.  The medical component provides medical assessment, minor outpatient procedures, and provision of medications to those we treat.  Dental care includes extraction of painful teeth with preventive and restorative care provided when possible.  some of our teams also provide eye care and glasses.

Maximizing long-term impact

GO InterNational emphasizes long-term impact on our medical teams.  This is possible because we always minister through a partner who will be there long after our team is gone.  We strive to work with local medical professionals and encourage them in their ongoing work in their community.  We provide community health teaching to empower people to take better care of their health after we leave.  We also work with our partners to develop ongoing Community Health Evangelism ministries.   The most important long-term impact we have is using our love and care to introduce people to Christ through the evangelistic outreach of our partners.

Ways you can help

GO InterNational is looking for physicians, dentists, optometrists, PAs, NPs, nurses, pharmacists, dental assistants and others to help us carry our medical ministry to those in need.  Even those who aren’t medical professionals can be a big help on our teams.

GO is also looking for those who want to use the financial blessing God has given to support taking His gospel to the ends of the earth.

GO InterNational is a partner in medical ministry with the Christian Medical and Dental Association.  Some medical teams serving GO partners are administered through Global Health Outreach, the short-term mission ministry of CMDA.  GO also sends ministry personnel to conduct pastor training events in conjunction with GHO teams around the world.

Meet Dr. Larry Frick.

Dr. Larry Frick serves as Director of Medical Missions for GO InterNationalal, leading short-term medical teams to minister with our partners to the poor of the world who have little access to medical care.  He also oversees outreach to medical personnel in the U.S. and our partnership with Christian Medical and Dental Associations.  Over the past sixteen years he has traveled to Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Russia, Kenya, Uganda, Nepal and Zambia.  Prior to coming to GO, he practiced family medicine for 14 years in Chillicothe, Ohio.  He and his wife Marci have a daughter Hannah.

“GO is our valued partner because of their integrity and competence.  Together we have synergy.”
- Dr. David Stevens, CEO, CMDA

“God uses these teams to show His love to the needy of the world…those we serve have been changed and their day to day struggles have been lightened.”
– David Upperman, Dentist