The International Partners of GO InterNational

GO InterNational ministers through partnerships with indigenous ministries around the world. These long-term relationships are the core of our ministry.  We are most effective in fulfilling the Great Commission when we work through those who know the language, culture and context best. We seek long-term fruit for the kingdom so we work with those who are there ministering in an on-going way.  Our ministries with our partners include church planting, child development ministries such as feeding programs, schools and orphanages, leadership development, community health, and small-scale economic development projects.


Ashoke Baschew – Trinidad

Pastor Ashoke Baschew and Stephanie, his wife of 35 years, are the founders of Trinidad and Tobago Urban Ministries. It is a ministry established to work alongside Bible churches and to proclaim the gospel of Salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ in the urban areas of our island. TTUM has established an orphan home in the village of Campo and a retreat centre in St. Helena. This ministry is involved in church-planting by having crusades, VBS, backyard Bible clubs and door to door visitation;  mercy ministries such as visiting orphan homes, homes for the elderly, prisons and rehab centres. TTUM is also involved in the school ministry, which we are so very thankful for, as almost all public schools have a designated period for religious instruction. Ashoke has helped to start over 20 churches in Trinidad, and is the senior Pastor at the Faith Fellowship Bible Church in St. Helena, a church that was established through door to door visitation and crusades in the area.


Wilma Grandez – Peru

Wilma Grandez ministers among children in Comos, a poor section of Lima, Peru. She began with a ministry feeding hungry children. GO partnered in helping construct the feeding centers which eventually numbered four. In 2010 construction began on a large ministry center which now houses a Christian school for children who would not otherwise get that opportunity. GO continues to support the ministry through funding for support of the school and mission teams who go to minister to the children and work on needed projects at the school and feeding centers.


Guillermo Parra – Colombia

Pastor Guillermo Parra and his wife Dora lead an unusual ministry in Bogota, Colombia. Pastor Guillermo serves in the Ciudad Bolivar region of Bogota where he pastors a growing Foursquare Church and oversees a network of pastors in that area. Pastor Parra and his family (Guillermo and Dora have 4 daughters) are active very active in ministry. They are actively engaged in training pastors, educating the children of Ciudad Bolivar, reaching out to those devastated by poverty and feeding over 2,000 children in 5 different feeding centers 6 days a week. If you visit Bogota with GO InterNational, you will be amazed at the vision that God has given this man of God. Pastor Guillermo has been a partnering with GO InterNational since 2007.


Wilkinson Grandez – Peru

Wilkinson Grandez is our partner for the Amazon Jungle region of Peru. Wilkinson served as pastor in Saposoa, Peru for over 20 years. Now Wilkinson works to network churches in the Amazon basin by encouraging pastors and facilitating church plants. Wilkinson travels extensively in this region and helps GO InterNational identify locations for future teams and church planting projects. He also serves as coordinator and teacher for GO’s pastor training projects. While he was pastor in Saposoa, Wilkinson witnessed God transform his community, turning it from a hub of drug violence to a center for church expansion.


Ivan Galindo Paz – Honduras

Ivan pastors the Church of God in Puerto Castillo, Honduras, just outside the city of Trujillo. GO’s work with Ivan has included church construction, planting new churches in the Trujillo area, especially among the minority Garifuno peoples, and medical ministries. GO is also working with the church to establish a Community Health Evangelism ministry in the area.


Sylva Okorienta – Nigeria

Sylva Okorienta is our newest GO InterNational ministry partner. He is a committed believer and leader in his church who wants to see the lost come to Christ in Nigeria. He is also very interested in providing medical care to those who do not have access to doctors. His wife, Sylvahelen is an eye doctor. Sylva operates a Christian business that imports and distributes pharmaceuticals. A group of Christian businessmen from Lexington, Kentucky helped Sylva get the business started and provide oversight. All proceeds from the business go to ministry to the poor and needy.

GO will work with Sylva to provide Community Health Evangelism training and medical and dental mission teams. We will also assist the church in Nigeria by providing leadership and pastoral training. We have an open invitation to come to Nigeria and work with the church there to help win souls and minister to the poor and vulnerable.


Jorge and Zoila Ramirez – Mexico

Jorge and Zoila Ramírez minister in Juárez, México. He is involved in the local council of churches, reaching out to neighborhoods though Community Health Evangelism. They see God’s hand moving mightily in the city of Juarez. Jorge also serves as National Director for Walk Thru The Bible Mexico, and for the past 16 years, they have a been involved with missionary outreach ministry to the Tarahumara Indians, in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Chihuahua. Through relationships with the regional hospital , he has been involved in reaching doctors and nurses with the gospel and helping them develop Community Health Evangelism ministries in mountain villages. Jorge and Zoila have partnered with GO InterNational since 1995.


Gerardo and Persia Guzmán – Peru

Gerardo and Persia Guzman are the heads of the Viña del Rey (Vinyard of the King) Church in Chincha, Peru. GO InterNational has partnered with Viña del Rey since 1996. Viña del Rey Church is heavily involved in holistic ministry in the city of Chincha. The church is passionate about children’s ministry and leverages their passion to plant churches in neighborhoods racked by poverty.

Viña del Rey also has a large K-12 school, George Washington Carver School, which provides a high-quality education to lift children from poverty. The school also ministers to the parents of the students, reaching out to them in very practical ways. GO teams have partnered with Viña del Rey on a wide variety of ministry projects – children’s ministry, school construction, teacher training, and pastor conferences.


Carlos Mayorga – Nicaragua

Go InterNational began working with Carlos Mayorga in 1998 in the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch which devastated Central America.  Carlos’ village and church were destroyed in a mudslide triggered by the hurricane.  GO began by helping build a church in the village of Santa Maria.  This was followed by medical teams, the construction of a medical clinic and an economic development project to grow plantain to provide jobs and food for the village.  Carlos has served as a bishop in his denomination and GO continues to partner with him in church planting throughout Nicaragua.