In Their Own Words

At the end of our recent Community Health Evangelism training in Asia,  our trainees were given the opportunity to share what impacted them the most from the training.  Here are a few highlights.

I am the only Christian in my family and village. Sometimes I lose hope that they will change. But now I have hope that through CHE I can help my village and family

I learned multiplication. We don’t have to do it ourselves, we can teach others and reach more people

We are rejected in the village when we talk about spiritual things but now I know we can start with the physical and integrate the spiritual

From the River Crossing story I learned that when people have problems, we should not do things for them but teach them do do it themselves

I am a schoolteacher. I will take this new way of teaching back to my school

These are just some of the lessons learned through our Community Health Evangelism training. Please pray that our students will keep their enthusiasm and implement this training in their region so that individuals and communities are transformed.