“I want to have an impact. You know, leave a legacy, create actual change.”

If that’s you, GO InterNational can help you…and we’d love to help you take your friends along, too! The relationships that are forged on GO teams are solid and the opportunity to get to know people in other parts of the world is life changing.


Don’t just blow by those words. People experience profound change when they say a simple “yes” to stepping out of their comfort zones. Going with one of our teams is a stretching experience, but you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want to change.

Many have asked us “Wouldn’t it be easier and more effective to just let the nationals use the money we spend to go on a team?” We have the same answer we did when we started:

“You cannot send love in a care package.”  —Maurice Stevens, GO InterNational founder.

“God did not so love the world that He sent money – He loved us by sending His only Son, to leave the comforts of heaven and come live among us and to redeem our lives.” —Larry Cochran, Past president

If it’s not enough for you to just “think” about caring for the needy…

If it’s not enough for you to just “agree” that people should have the gospel…

If you believe that the love of God should have skin on and come bringing tangible change…

Don’t hear this the wrong way, we have people who have committed to supporting our ministry with regular giving and if God is prompting your heart to be generous in this way we are VERY GRATEFUL.

But, can I ask you a question or two?

Have you ever helped children in a VBS?
Can you handle a shovel, a hammer, or other simple construction tools?
Have you ever helped someone learn to sew?
Ever felt like you needed help learning to share the gospel more?
Ever seen the look in the eyes of a new follower of Jesus and had the privilege of handing them their first Bible?

Ordinary people with simple skills GO with us
and change the world on every trip we take.
People like you.
Is God prompting you in this area to a step of obedience?

We help ordinary people, ordinary pastors, churches and service groups every day EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE CONVINCED that they don’t have the time, the talent, or the resources to change the world. Want to know our secret?


Yes, it is that simple. We have long-term, established relationships with pastors and christian leaders in other areas of the world who are desperate for the kind of help that we bring. We NEVER just show up somewhere unannounced and misdirected. Our partners have real work that needs to be done to help them reach their local area for Christ and YOU CAN HELP.

For instance, our medical teams serve the needs of the people to whom our partners minister! We show them the love of Christ in a tangible way and our international partner’s ministry is enhanced. When people come to Christ as a result of our medical outreach, they are doing so within our partners’ ministries so there are people to walk with them in the discipleship process.

And we build teams of all sorts! We help bring vocational training, vacation bible schools, door to door evangelism, street evangelism, construction teams. Trust us. You are not disqualified. You are actually VERY qualified and we would love to show you how to receive real life change.

GO with us.
Let’s change the world.