GO InterNational Mission Team Values

  1. Theologically evangelical
    1. Our teams are Biblically based
    2. Our teams are Evangelistic in Nature
    3. Our teams are guided by the Holy Spirit
    4. Our teams are designed to challenge members spiritually
  2. Missiologically sound
    1. It is our goal that our team leaders and mission teams are well prepared to do ministry in another context and culture in a way that is effective, correct and Christ honoring.
    2. It is our goal to be current on best practices in missions and evangelism.
    3. Our GO InterNational history and experience have provided many great lessons through the years on how to do mission team ministry in a way that
  3. Spiritually challenging
    1. We want our teams to minister and be ministered to during the trip.
    2. Through devotions, quiet time, discipleship and preaching—we desire our team members to develop a deeper relationship with Christ because of the trip experience.
  4. Financially efficient
    1. Desire to be good value but not necessarily the cheapest
    2. We don’t want to sacrifice quality or effectiveness for value
    3. Desire to be good stewards of the people and resources that are entrusted to our care during the mission experience.
    4. It is our goal that our team members finish the trip believing that the trip was worth every penny.
  5. Logistically & administratively EXCELLENT
    1. We believe that excellence honors God and attracts people.
    2. We want to offer God, our partners and the people who travel with GO the best possible experience.
  6. Culturally sensitive
    1. Good cultural orientation is essential for the proper formation of a great mission team.
    2. We desire to equip our teams to be culturally appropriate in each context where we go to serve.
    3. We intend NOT to offend the people where we are going to minister.
  7. Prayerfully prepared
    1. We believe that prayer is the best preparation for a good team experience.
    2. We believe that the amount of prepare that goes into a trip BEFORE the team leaves and the amount of prayer that takes place DURING the trip can make all the difference in the overall team experience.
  8. Personally engaging & corporately effective
    1. A great team is made up of a mix of great people who work together as a great team.
    2. We want to balance making sure that individual team members find fulfillment on a team while not compromising the effectiveness of the group.
  9. Intentionally Holistic
    1. While our teams may have a specific focus, it is our goal that our team members get a broad and stretching experience.
    2. Ministering to the Body, Mind and Spirit
  10. Distinctively different in Leadership
    1. We believe that everything rises or falls on leadership.  (including mission trips)
    2. We believe that an effective highly prepared leader can make all the difference between a good trip and a great trip.

By Bert L. Jones