GO Institute for InterNational Leadership

The GO Institute for InterNational Leadership (GIIL) is a program arm of GO International, a mission ministry headquartered in Wilmore Kentucky. The purpose of the institute is to assist in training and raising up the next generation of leaders in Christian ministry and world missions.

GIIL will provide practical hands on experience in international missions, in serving the poor, in pastor training and in economic development. There will be one-on-one mentoring in the areas of:

  • Leadership
  • Fundraising and Development
  • Program and Office Administration
  • Evangelism and World Missions.

Mission of the GO Institute:

The GO Institute for InterNational leadership exists to help students gain exposure and experience in an international ministry and to help them explore global possibilities for their future.

“Businesses today are looking for potential employees who have combined their education with real life experience. GO offers this opportunity.”    

-Bert Jones, Past President

GO Offers 3 Different Internships:

  1. The GO Long program:  GO Long is designed for students that want to want to serve on the mission field for more than just 7-10 days. We link students in this program with our Partners around the world and help them invest in the mission for one month up to one year. This is a great program for students who are exploring the possibility of full time career missions. We also have students that for their major are required to fulfill a cross cultural requirement that is longer than an average short term mission experience. In this program we try to align gifts and personalities with our partners around the globe.
  2. The GO Serve program:  GO Serve is for students who have a specific requirement that they have to fulfill within their major. The staff of GO InterNational will work with you to help you fulfill the individual requirements that are mandated for your course of study. It is our goal to help you serve in an area of ministry where you are exploring as a point of interest. We plug accounting majors into the finances of our organization, journalism majors into writing stories for publication within our ministry. Our goal is to take your skill set and help you find a way that you can serve God through missions.
  3. The GO Volunteer program:  GO Volunteer is for students who desire to plug into an international mission organization and serve as a volunteer within the ministry of our mission. We plug students into all aspects of leadership within the context of our ministry. Students gain practical experience while serving in a great atmosphere.

Benefits of Participating in the GO Institute:

  • You will gain experience building your resume in the context of an International ministry.
  • You will have hands on interaction with ministry leaders with years of practical leadership and ministry expertise and experience.
  • You will have the opportunity to design your internship to meet your individual desires and requirements.
  • You will end up with the opportunity to add references to your resume.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn leadership in the context of a fun and challenging environment.
  • You will serve in a professional and family atmosphere where you will be encouraged and nurtured.
  • You will have ministry and mission professionals coaching you in your area of leadership and helping you raise support for your mission adventures.

How to Apply for an Internship
Here’s how you can apply for an internship with GO InterNational:

  1. Take some time to research GO InterNational and the opportunities that are available. Call us at 859-858-3171 should you have any questions.
  2. GO online and fill out the application for the GO Institute. GO Institute Application Form
  3. Submit the application to GO InterNational. You can mail it to us at – P.O. Box 123, Wilmore, KY 40390.
  4. Once we receive your application, we will set up an interview for you with the Senior Management team of GO InterNational.
  5. Once your internship is approved, we will outline a process for you to plan and prepare for your internship.

Thanks for your interest in serving with us. We look forward to helping you pursue your passion for fulfilling the Great Commission.