Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:


What ministries will my team be involved with?

Your team will be working alongside one of our international partners and their church. You will be involved in a ministry project and will also have the chance to worship regularly with our brothers and sisters there. We are excited by the impact your team will be able to have. At the same time, we want to encourage you to be flexible. Specific ministry plans can change.

Is there anything special I need to know about being part of this team?

You will read and agree to the team covenant when you apply for a team, so there will be no specific surprises.

The main thing is that you will be part of a team, a witnessing community, during the entire trip. As long as you approach the trip with a servant’s heart, willing to give and receive grace with those on your team, you will do well.

You will receive 2 things from GO to help you:

  1. You will receive a detailed team booklet with a detailed packing list geared specifically to your team.
  2. You will receive resources from us to prepare you for your trip, both spiritually and cross-culturally.

Please take the time to go through these materials. They will make your ministry more effective and your experience more meaningful.

Do I need a visa?

It depends on the country you are entering. Some countries require US citizens to get a visa in advance, and some countries issue visas for US citizens as you clear immigration upon arrival. Check out Travisa to see the visa information for the country you plan to enter.

How does fund development work?

You can download our support-raising resources. You can use the resources to send letters or get other ideas for creatively raising support for your trip. All gifts sent to go are tax-deductible and are receipted.

Please note these important details:

  1. Should you raise more than the cost of your trip, you can have GO reimburse you for certain trip related expenses such as immunizations (but not luggage).
  2. By IRS regulation, you cannot be personally reimbursed for the amount you raise that exceeds the cost of the team. Extra funds will be used for ministry.

Will I need immunizations?

That determination is up to you and your doctor. We recommend you go to the CDC website, consult their recommendations for the country you are entering, and then discuss them with your doctor.

What about luggage and baggage fees?

Your team costs cover your international baggage fees. You will be responsible for your domestic baggage fees. Please consult the airline for current domestic luggage fees.

What do I need to pack?

Our encouragement is to pack as lightly as possible. Roughly 30 days before departure you will receive a comprehensive packing list to help you know what to take with you. Should your team be involved in a specific ministry project that requires special items, you will receive that list as well.

More questions?

Should you have further questions, please feel free to call us (859.858.3171).  You can also click here to email us.  Thanks so much for taking the time to learn more about the ministry of GO InterNational.