Our Mission

Training the pastors who serve the global church.

The global church is growing at and unprecedented pace. New churches are being planted daily. The need for pastoral training is growing exponentially, especially for those churches in largely unchurched areas. However, most pastors in the Majority World do not have access to a seminary or Bible training school. So GO InterNational is using creative methods to take ministry training to those who need it most.

Through The Cochran Center, GO InterNational seeks to serve the global church by providing effective, culturally relevant pastoral training, especially for leaders serving in remote or restricted access areas. The Cochran Center exists to encourage and equip indigenous leaders so that the impact of their ministries will expand the kingdom of God in their region of the world.

The Cochran Center is the pastoral training ministry of GO InterNational. We seek to serve the global church through pastoral training, especially those leaders serving in remote or restricted access areas.

Our Core Values

These are the values we hold in our training events:

  • Scriptural: Our training is based in scripture and we seek to ignite a deeper passion for Scripture in the pastors we train.
  • Culturally Appropriate: We teach in a way that is appropriate to the culture of the pastors we are teaching.
  • Mutual: In our training, we seek to teach the pastors what we have learned while at the same letting the pastors share their wisdom with us.
  • Multiplicative: The pastors who receive training are encouraged to return home and train the leaders in their congregations.
  • Practical: We seek to give pastors both practical ministry skills as well as a solid Biblical foundation for ministry.
  • Partnership:  As much as possible, we seek to include indigenous pastors as teachers in our training. These national pastors may come from other parts of the country or from countries nearby.