The global church is growing at an unprecedented rate with multiple new churches being planted daily. However, most pastors in the Majority World do not have access to a seminary or Bible training school. These humble servants of God want nothing more than to serve their people more effectively. Our passion at GO InterNational is to serve the church in the Majority World by taking top-notch training to the leaders who need it most, especially those who serve in remote areas.

For this reason, GO InterNational launched The Cochran Center for InterNational Pastoral Training. The Cochran Center exists to encourage and equip indigenous leaders so that the impact of their ministries will expand the kingdom of God nationally.

The Cochran Center hosts pastor training events in partnership with local churches in South America, Asia, and Africa. 
Our training events provide:

  • Encouragement for indigenous pastors who serve amidst great difficulty
  • Foundational training in Bible and ministry skills for pastors and leaders
  • Resources for indigenous churches to equip their members
  • Networking opportunities for indigenous pastors to learn from one another