Church Planting

Recently Floyd McClung, Director of All Nations Institute, made the statement, “Short-term ministries are great, as long as they focus on raising up workers to plant churches.”  As a tool for fulfilling the Great Commission, church planting is the most significant strategy for reaching people for Christ and for raising up people who will worship Him.  At GO InterNational we intentionally work with indigenous leaders to identify areas that are unreached with the Gospel  and to strategically plan a joint effort to spread the Gospel.  We believe short-term teams contribute significantly to this process through church construction, VBS and other evangelistic efforts along with medical and dental outreach to these unevangelized communities.

For these reasons, GO’s church planting efforts continue from Africa to Central America. We believe the local church is the hope of the world and we are committed to supporting new church plants.  We saw church plants succeed in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Peru this past year. We also saw strategic new opportunities arise in Mexico and Peru.  We are blown away by all God is doing around the world and thrilled that we get to join in His work.  (Click here to learn more about how we do church planting.)

Here are a few highlights from GO InterNational church planting projects:

Peru: GO InterNational’s major church planting focus in Peru is the unreached villages of the Amazon basin. Young men, under the tutelage of Pastor Wilkinson Grandez, are stepping up to reach these villages with the life saving message of Jesus Christ.  Click to learn more about church planting in the Amazon basin (coming soon).

Mexico: The focus of GO InterNational’s church planting efforts in Mexico are through the ministry of Josh & Jennifer Reynolds, who serve as full-time missionaries in Central Mexico. Their passion is church planting through small groups.  Click here to learn more about God’s calling to Josh and Jennifer to church planting in Central Mexico.

Nicaragua:  GO InterNational partners with Pastor Carlos Mayorga and his churches in church planting efforts.  We have been partnering together since we met Pastor Carlos after Hurricane Mitch had devastated his city.  You can learn more about the various church planting projects in Nicaragua by clicking here (coming soon).

Honduras: GO InterNational is thrilled to work with Pastor Ivan Paz, who has a passion to raise up churches among the Garifano people of Honduras and in other areas of Honduras where there are no churches. Click here to learn more about the Honduras church plant projects (coming soon).