Church Planting Philosophy

We are passionate about church planting through partnerships with indigenous churches and leaders.  Through our experience working alongside our partners, we have seen a pattern of support emerge to mobilize, engage and equip indigenous leaders in the process of church planting. Our process for facilitating church planters includes the following steps.

  1. We begin with a survey trip by GO staff to possible site for planting a church, which has been identified by our local partner ministry. If the survey reveals an area that has significant population without a local church, our partner ministry identifies the pastor/evangelist who they see as the one called to begin the work here. Our national partner has formed a significant relationship with the selected pastor and has evidenced the person’s calling and giftedness for planting a church.
  2. The leader then begins the slow process of winning new believers to Christ. Most occasions the group meets in small homes and will perhaps grow into multiple groups depending on the receptivity to the Gospel.
  3. GO InterNational is invited by the national partner to bring short term teams to help in the church planting process.  Our teams work alongside the national believers and seek to encourage what the national church is doing.  Our teams are often involved in the following ministries:
    • Assisting in building a church building that will hold sufficient people. Before building, the national church has already acquired the land and hopefully has laid the foundation to begin the building process
    • Conducting VBS campaigns designed to create interest in children in following Jesus
    • Holding medical campaigns and eyeglass distribution as means to demonstrate God’s grace at work. This allows the church to meet very practical needs within the community.  Sewing classes for women in the community is another component that adds to the evangelistic efforts of the local church.
    • Showing the Jesus film, which has been an effective means of outreach. The film is often times followed by preaching campaigns to further explain to people what they have just seen in the movie.  All who respond by a decision to follow Christ or by making their interest in learning more are followed up with by members of the new church in the community.
    • Providing supplies such as Bibles, tracts and discipleship materials to the leadership of the church plant.  These resources become keys to supporting the ongoing efforts of church planting by our partners.
  1. The purpose of our teams are to stimulate and encouraged the local body of believers in their quest to make disciples. Relationship building is essential to the success of GO teams. You cannot measure the encouragement a short team brings to a local group of believers as they pray and work together on a daily basis.
  2. Regular visits by national partner assures continuity of relationship and accountability. Also the continuity of Bible resources continues to help local leaders expand their base.  GO InterNational also works with our partner ministries to hold annual leadership training conferences to feed and encourage pastors in their work to disciple their people.

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