In Their Own Words

At the end of our recent Community Health Evangelism training in Asia,  our trainees were given the opportunity to share what impacted them the most from the training.  Here are a few highlights.

I am the only Christian in my family and village. Sometimes I lose hope that they will change. But now I have hope that through CHE I can help my village and family

I learned multiplication. We don’t have to do it ourselves, we can teach others and reach more people

We are rejected in the village when we talk about spiritual things but now I know we can start with the physical and integrate the spiritual

From the River Crossing story I learned that when people have problems, we should not do things for them but teach them do do it themselves

I am a schoolteacher. I will take this new way of teaching back to my school

These are just some of the lessons learned through our Community Health Evangelism training. Please pray that our students will keep their enthusiasm and implement this training in their region so that individuals and communities are transformed.


Medical team returns from South Asia

img_1885Our medical team of 8 people just returned from South Asia.  We saw 1429 people and gave general medical care and reading glasses. We worked in conjunction with an indigenous ministry which is reaching out to unreached peoples in their region. In one village they served, there were only a handful of followers whose had come to faith in the last few months as our partners had been working among the people. Another village had a small church begun from a crusade that they had done a couple of years ago.   We saw many people with common medical problems who simply lacked access to care or medicines. Our main impact spiritually was our care and love for the people we served. Open evangelism is much more difficult there now as there have been new government restrictions on believers, so we were mainly just planting seeds. Some accepted prayer, others didn’t. But all were cared for with the love that we have been blessed to be able to share.


Celia’s Story

This is the story of a lady I met on our team to Nicaragua in

Our team of doctors in Nicaragua

Our team of doctors in Nicaragua

August. Her story reminded me of many lessons I have learned about missions, medicine and wholistic care.

Celia came with multiple medical problems and insomnia. She had also been having pelvic pain for 8 months. However it became quickly clear that something else was going on.  It turns out that her symptoms began when 15 month-old baby died. He had been having diarrhea and she took him to the hospital and he died. She hadn’t been to the doctor for her own symptoms because she felt like they didn’t do anything to help her son.  Several things ran through my mind as we talked.

1. What happened to her son? Was this a preventable death?

Our Nicaragua CHE team, working to prevent illness and bring life in Christ

Our Nicaragua CHE team, working to prevent illness and bring life in Christ

15,000 children around the world die every day from preventable causes like diarrhea. Had there been a Community Health Evangelism (CHE) program in her community, maybe better water and hygiene would have prevented his sickness.  Maybe she would have recognized his illness sooner and begun home treatment or taken him to the hospital sooner, both of which might have prevented this death. Of course I don’t know the details. He may have had some other illness or a surgical emergency like intussuception that the local hospital resources weren’t adequate to treat. Or, he may simply have had some other catastrophic illness that would have resulted in his death no matter what care he received. We simply don’t know, but we do know that many children like her son still die of preventable illness. Are we doing enough?

2.  Physical, emotional and spiritual health are connected. Her symptoms were clearly connected to her son’s death and her resulting grief and depression. God made us as whole persons and when one part is affected, the whole body suffers.  Her illnes could not be treated with a pain pill or by just prescribing an antidepressant. She needed care for her whole person.
3. Jesus is the answer, even when we have no answer.  My first response to her was just to listen and try to avoid platitudes and pat answers that are really of no help to hurting people. I told her I don’t know why her son died. I validated her pain and grief.  She said she was a Christian. I told her I understood that being Christian may cause her to have even more questions. Can God let something this bad happen even to a Christian?  Although I didn’t have answers to her specific situation, I could remind her of some things we know are true an that we can hold on to.
  • God is good. We may not understand. We may not be able to see His perspective. But we can cling to his goodness even in hard times.
  • God loves her son and he loves her. It may not feel like it right now, but she is greatly loved.
  •  God knows how she feels. He too lost a Son. He had to watch his son die a horrible, painful, unjust death. He is near to the brokenhearted (Psalm 34:18) because he too has been brokenhearted. However, because of Jesus death and resurrection we have hope. When we trust in him, we can know that we have a placed prepared in heaven where one day he will wipe away every tear (Revelation 21:4)
We prayed together through tears. I did address her medical condition as well with some treatment, but I am convinced that our conversation and time of prayer are just as critical to her healing.
I am also motivated to continue to serve those who are medically underserved. I am motivated to bring preventive care and improved health to communities through Community Health Evangelism. And I am motivated to share Christ so that people like Celia can have a hope in times of pain.

The Whole Gospel

For in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or heaven, making peace by the blood of the cross. Colossians 1:19-20

Cultambo Mission Team June 2016

Cultambo Mission Team June 2016

Which is the most important thing we do on our medical mission trips, caring for the sick or sharing the gospel? This is a trick question. Caring for the sick IS the gospel. Just like feeding the hungry, providing shelter for the homeless, caring for those swept up in human trafficking, and all the other things GO InterNational teams do. This verse makes it clear that Jesus died on the cross, not just to save us from sin, but also to restore all of creation to its original state before sin entered the world. That won’t ultimately and completely happen until Jesus’ return, but his purpose for us who follow him now is to bring His kingdom into every area where we have influence. The gospel affects every area of life.

This was made clear once again on our recent trip to Peru. Our team helped construct a roof on the community center our partner Olinda is developing. This center will reach out to poor children with education and a medical clinic, while sharing Jesus love. We also ministered to over 900 people with medical, dental and eye care in three different communities. Many of those people would never come for a church service or to see the Jesus film. But they came because we cared about their needs. And in the process they met Christ. I was able to pray with several people to receive Christ. Our Peruvian doctor,

Dr. Willyams

Dr. Willyams

Willyams, said that one day the Spirit was moving so powerfully that almost every patient he saw prayed to receive Christ. That same day some of our team taught health lessons and showed the Jesus film in the public school. Without any prompting from our team, the children responded to the invitation at the end of the film and over 60 children professed faith in Christ! God was moving powerfully through everything that the team did to bring people to himself. This is the power of what we call wholistic ministry. Thank you for your support and prayers that allow it to happen. Come join us on a team soon and see for yourself!

The Power of Wholistic Ministry

One of the things I like to do with my teams each evening is have each person share about their favorite moment of the day. I just want to share a couple of stories that our team members currently serving in Honduras shared last night that show the power of wholistic ministry on our teams.

Dr. Kallies at work

Dr. Kallies at work

Dr. Heather Kallies shared about a patient who came in for dental care. As she and the dental team cared for her painful teeth, they also had the opportunity to share the gospel with this lady. She had professed to be a Christian in the past but had fallen away. Because of the love and concern the team showed this lady, she recomitted her life to Christ. Ministering to her physical need led to the opportunity to minister to her physical need.

Dr. Phillip Yunker told of a patient he had seen that day in the medical clinic. Jose had come in with multiple medical problems. However, it was clear that his main problem was his anger over his condition. It was a very tense situation as they tried to minister to him. Dr. Yunker was able to enlist the help of our host partner, Pastor Ivan Gallino Paz to come assist him.

Pastor Ivan and his wife Rosanna counsel and pray with patients during the clinics

Pastor Ivan and his wife Rosanna counsel and pray with patients during the clinics

Together with several other of our medical team members, Ivan led this man in a time of prayer. When it was finished, he was giving hugs to team members all around. He was a changed person. Ministering to his spiritual and emotional need made it possible to care for his medical need.

These stories demonstrate the power of Jesus command in Luke 9:2 to heal the sick AND preach the good news. As we do both, we can make an impact far beyond trying to address these aspects of people’s lives separately.

Please consider using your gifts and talents on a GO InterNational medical team. You will be able to join in each evening with your own stories of seeing God at work through you and your teamates in amazing ways as you minister to the whole person.

Who Will GO?

Who Will GO?

And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.”

Isaiah 6:8



In Isaiah chapter 6 we read the story of the prophet Isaiah’s call to ministry. From it we can learn several things about our own call to join God’s mission in the world.

  1. The supremacy of God in worship.

The passage begins with Isaiah’s vision of the Lord. In that we see a picture of worship in heaven. We will never be in a position to serve God if we are not continually engaged in worship. It is out of our recognition of who He is and our worship that we can begin to serve him.

  1. Our shortcomings don’t prevent us from being used by God.

When we encounter the living God in worship, we become aware of our own sinfulness. Isaiah cried “Woe is me!” However, God still called him and used him. Whenever we are presented with an opportunity to serve, we often feel inadequate. Many times people respond to an invitiation to go on a mission team by saying, “what can I do?” If we resonnd in faith, God can and will use us for His glory.

  1. Obedience to the call is the proper response to God’s glory.

nepalWaterfall-1030x772oWorship is our proper and primary response to God. But, it must lead to obedience. Think how wonderful it would have been for Isaiah to just stay in the Lord’s presence and worship forever. But, he was called to GO. Just as we are called to GO. The Lord blesses us for a reason – to GO and invite others into His presence forever.

  1. Being sent by God is no guarantee of (earthly) success.

This passage goes on to describe how the people would respond to Isaiah’s message. It isn’t a pretty picture. Their hearts would be dull, their eyes, blind, their ears unhearing. Isaiah’s message would not win him any popularity contests. We need to realize that we will face trials and challenges when we serve. We will be called out of our comfort zones. We are not to measure our “success” by worldly standards. Yet we are still called. Isaiah went and was faithful to the call and we must do the same.

  1. God will be with us.

Though God’s spirit rested on the prophet, we have an assurance that Isaiah didn’t have, the promise of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that he would give us the Holy Spirit. It is because of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives that we have the power to obey him and join him on mission wherever he sends us.

Be assured of this, you are called! God calls us to join in the mission to take his message to the ends of the earth. Consider joining a GO InterNational team this year as an opportunity to answer the call. Let your answer be, “Here am I, send me.”

Why Did Jesus Come?

At Christmas time, we celebrate the coming of Christ as a baby. How amazing to think that Christ left the comfort and privileges of heaven to come to earth as a helpless baby. This might be the ultimate mission trip! However, as we celebrate such an amazing thing, we also are left to wonder, why did he do it?

There are many biblically accurate answers to that question. However, when I think of Christ’s mission, his reason for coming, I am always drawn to the “mission statement” that he gives in Luke 4. Early in his ministry, he went to his hometown, Nazareth, and went into the synagogue to preach. He read from the scroll of the prophet Isaiah, who gave the reasons that the Messiah would come. Here is what he said.

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,

    because he has anointed me

    to proclaim good news to the poor.

He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives

    and recovering of sight to the blind,

    to set at liberty those who are oppressed, 

to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

This was Jesus announcing at the outset of his ministry what he came to do. Notice that it involves so much more that “saving us from our sins,” as awesome and important as that is. Jesus came to minister in all aspects of life:

Physical –recovery of sight

Emotional – liberty for the oppressed

Social/justice – liberty for the captives

Spiritual – the good news of the gospel

Notice also his special emphasis on the poor. He was born in poverty and he came specifically to bring his good news to the poor. His news is good news for everyone, but especially for the poor.

As we celebrate Christmas, let us ponder how we can follow Christ’s example of ministering to those around us, especially the poor. Let us be his messengers of physical, emotional, social and spiritual healing to those around us. And let us commit to serving in these areas in Christ’s name in the year to come. If you are wondering where God may be calling you to do this, we have many opportunities at GO InterNational.  But wherever you serve, let your good news be good news for the poor in all areas of life!

An Amazing Servant in Mexico


Pastor Jose Padilla

One of the amazing people I met on my recent trip to Mexico was Professor Jose Padilla.  He is a man of no formal education, but who has a deep faith and a desire to help his community.  He taught himself and God used him to build a Christian school in his village, Kilometro 29, on the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez. This school began as a one-room school in a cardboard shack and now educates 300 students on its campus which also includes a church. The school has received numerous awards for excellence in education and the students regularly win contests for academic achievement.  The school charges no fees and many of the teachers and other workers volunteer their time.  It’s graduates have gone on to meaningful work throughout the area and many come back to volunteer at the school.  What Professor Jose has done with his school in these circumstances is a powerful testimony of his own faithfulness and the power of the Lord to work though men and women who are sold out to Him.  He is an inspiration to me and to many others.

There is no way humanly-speaking that this school should have the success that it has.  It is located in a village of desperate poverty that to this day has no running water or even any water source.  All the water is trucked-in weekly.  Each family receives three 50-gallon drums a week to use for all household needs.  They also receive 2 gallons a day of clean drinking water per household. However, the water station is only open a few hours a day and many families face the choice of traveling to the city for work, or staying home for clean drinking water for the family.  Unemployment, broken families, poor health, and drug and alcohol abuse are rampant.

Pastor Jose knows all of this and has been praying about what to do next in their ministry.  When he attended our training, he learned what God wanted him to do next. He said, “we know we need to reach out to our community.  Now we have the way to do it through Community Health Evangelism.” I was amazed that this godly man could have learned anything from us. I am encouraged because I know his commitment to the Lord and to sharing Christ with his community means that great things will happen in the days ahead in Kilometro 29, to the glory of God!

Daily Faith in Honduras

Give us this day our daily bread.
Matthew 6:11

Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all of these things will be given you as well. 
Matthew 6:33

IMG_1984During our recent medical team in Honduras, I met a lady named Yulermi, who had a severe diabetic foot ulcer. She had gotten some local treatments and some supplies from the local health center.  That day she had run out of supplies as had the health center.  She was wondering what she was going to do when she heard our team was in the village. She came and we were able to care for her wound and provide some supplies for her.  She was so happy! She wasn’t concerned about the fact that this wound may take months to heal if it ever heals at all. She wasn’t concerned that she may even lose her foot. She wasn’t worried about what would happen next week when the supplies we gave her ran out.  She was happy because she had a need today and the Lord provided through us.

There are some lessons for me in my encounter with Yulermi. It reminds me of Jesus instruction to pray, Give us this day our daily bread.  She was trusting God for her daily needs. I just need to focus on today and trust God in each moment. When we do that, we will be filled with joy as we see God meet our needs, moment by moment, instead of always worrying about the next need.  I also need to trust him for all things. I’m sure if we could have had more time to talk, she would admit to having some concern over the seriousness of her condition and the uncertainty she was facing.  However, her faith and trust in the Lord allowed her to overcome these worries. She knew the truth of Matthew 6:33, Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.  Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own. May we all learn these lessons from Yulermi.

A Church is Born




Picture-422 Gathering outside the new church in Umuagwa

A Church is Born

Though I delivered many babies in my training in family medicine, it’s been a long time since I’ve delivered one. I’ve sometimes wondered what would happen if I was called upon for an emergency delivery while on a mission trip. Well on my recent mission trip to Nigeria, I didn’t deliver any babies, but we did witness a new birth.  Sunday Oct. 6 we were present for the birth of a new church.  We had been working the previous three days in the village providing medical care while pastors and evangelists shared God’s word with people.  During that time many came to Christ and were invited to church.  That Sunday we gathered in a small dirt-floor school that had been rented as the initial gathering place. Worship was incredible with just acapella singing with rhythmic clapping in the African style. It was so much simpler than we are used to, yet so free and worshipful.   We had a time of prayer and commissioning for the new pastor, Daniel.

Our team pastor, Jeff Burnett, shared an inspiring message about laying the foundation of a new church on solid ground, which is church members who put Christ first in their lives, above the idol of self.  Sixteen people committed to Christ that day. The new believers were provided Bibles as well.  It was an awesome way to end our time in Nigeria and the highlight of our trip.