Vocational school provides hand up to Nicaraguans!

Women learning to sew at new vocational school

Women learning to sew at new vocational school


Building picnic tables

“Withhold not good to them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do it.”  Proverbs 3:27


That verse makes me feel uncomfortable, and in fact being around destitute people living in the trash dump near Chinandega, Nicaragua this past month left me puzzling over the question, “Just what can we do?”  Hundreds of folks living in shanty housing, scavenging garbage every day to find something to eat or sell – “what power do we possess to really help these poor people?”

One dream is coming to fruition – the launch of a new vocational school, designed to help some gain a skill like electrical, carpentry and sewing. Last month two GO volunteer teams helped move this vision forward laboring with Nicaraguans to build the new structure, and actually helping with the first week of classes.  We were glad to “give a hand up and not just a hand out.”

I wish you could have seen the faces of those young men and women, when they completed their new dining tables and finished new clothing for their children!  It was pure joy!  They were excited to learn something they could
actually do with their hands to help their families.

Hope is in short supply in places like trash dumps.  The oppressive heat, horrible living conditions, little food and few resources add to their hopelessness every day.

Thank you for your support this month, with what God has given you, we have “the power in our hands to do it.”

During our final days in Limonal (trash dump) we had the privilege to pray with all of our students and many prayed to receive Christ.  New Bibles have been given and new hope has been born. God is good and we are so grateful for your partnership.

In Him,

Larry Cochran

Nicaraguan House


God Is Good, Even In All Our Trials

Dear friends,


July has not been a good month for me for two years in a row!  My sixty-five year old body just does not want to go along with my twenty year old mind.

I was scheduled to lead a ministry team to Colombia July 23-30 and just like last year a health crisis prevented me from going.  This year a heart pain issue flared up and after a stress test my doctor announced I had some “abnormalities”.  That means a stress test on August 13.

I just finished a seven-day camp meeting in El Dorado, Illinois and was thrilled to see the Lord blessing His Word.  It was a joy to be with my good friend Mark Nysewander and Max Borah.  Several of the Senior Highs and college students answered a call to ministry, and I want to see where the Lord will be leading them in the days to come.

God is good even in all of our trials and I am learning again, be patient and “wait on the Lord.”  Thank you for your faithfulness and prayers, and thank you for your generosity.

Jenny and I took our four oldest grandchildren to “Grandparents Camp” July 16-18, and we had a grand time. They are so precious and a joy to be around.


Keep us in your prayers!



Why Not Just Send Money?

“Why not just send the money?”

Having led short term mission teams for thirty years, that is the one question I have heard a thousand times or more.  “Wouldn’t be easier and more effective to just let the nationals use the money we spend to go on a team? 

Maurice Stevens our founder at GO InterNational use to say, “you cannot send love in a care package.”  God did not so love the world that He sent money – He loved us by sending His only Son, to leave the comforts of heaven and come live among us and to redeem our lives.

Last week in Siuna, Nicaragua we saw Jesus.  Oh yes, He came disguised as the sick, the poor, the lame, the destitute and the lonely.  Great numbers of people came to the little wooden building out in what seemed to be in the middle of nowhere.  Our doctor from Nicaragua pressed into three days two hundred and thirty two patients.  All received medical attention, medicines and prayer.

Our pastor from Williamsburg, VA, David Ford led our prayer ministry team.  His church members volunteered to head up the pharmacy and registering patients.  Others led back yard VBS for eighty children for several days.  Sewing classes, construction on the new church, Bible and tract distribution put the Gospel on display.  And when Jesus said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to myself” He was right as always.  Several patients found more than medicine to give relief to their physical maladies, they also found healing for their soul.

Sure, money could have been sent, and the construction site would probably look as it does today, still under construction.  But all the other blessings would have been missed:

 Happy smiling children, the wonderful relationships forged between Americans and Nicaraguans, the new found hope through prayer, healings that were testified to in evening services and of course eternal salvation that came to many, something money just cannot buy!

 Thanks again for “standing in the gap” for Jenny, for me and the whole team.   Seed was sown in good soil, hope was birthed and the joy of the kingdom expanded because you cared enough to send us.

 Pray for our next venture into Bogota, Colombia July 8-16.   And thanks for sending your special gifts that are invested in people for God’s Glory.

In Him,


Honduras Update

The Garifuna race started with a shipwreck in 1602.


When the slaves escaped from the Spanish schooner they mingled with the natives of St Vincentislands and thus this black carribbean people eventually developed into their own culture and settled many of them along the Guatemalan andHondurascoast.


Last week our GO medical team of twenty two people served in four Garifuna communities out the town ofTrujillo,Honduras. The medical team served nearly 1500 patients ranging from dentistry, general medicine, OBGYN and eye exams and treatment.  The response

was simply overwhelming.  Five thousand tracts were distributed and many people prayed

with our team members.


Our partner Pastor Ivan Galindo Paz has led his church for nine years in Puerta Castilla,

a deep sea port nearTrujillo.  Prior to our medical, a work/witness team of twenty folks

came and helped put finishing touches on his new church building.  Sewing classes

and VBS kept our team serving throughout each day.  They also visited seven churches

in seven nights!


Thanks so much for praying and supporting our teams.  We are all blessed to witness

the Holy Spirit at work inHonduras.



Colombia Pastor Training

More than a gentle breeze swept through, the wind of the Spirit could be tangibly felt as the hearts of pastors and church leaders worshipped and experienced the living God this past week in Colombia.

Last Friday after four days of teaching and preaching 265 pastors and church leaders received communion in Bogota, Colombia.  The scene was a retreat center outside Bogota on a large farm.

The Holy Spirit was our main teacher, reminding us all of the need for a fully surrendered heart, the call to reconciliation and to unity of the Spirit.  Unity among pastors is now paving the way for greater outreach and strong efforts to help transform their cities.  One evangelist testified that thousands of people were gathering for prayer vigils determined to strike against the waves of immorality and drug strongholds in the country of Venezuela.

By the end of the conference 750,000 tracts were distributed to all the church leaders to assist them in their evangelistic efforts.  Plans for year round training events are now being considered as a follow up to this nation wide conference.  Invitations for future events came from other leaders from around Colombia.

Excitement and anticipation filled my heart as pastors prayed for me and others that God will strengthen and help us all to work together to fulfill the Great Commission.

Thanks so much for “ holding our hands up” during this past week.  Sunday morning January 8 our team spread out around the city of Bogota preaching the Gospel and the response was overwhelming.  Many people are seeking the Lord, and we know that God is attracted to hungry hearts.  Continue praying for Colombia and our GO partner Guillermo Parra.

We look forward to a nation wide conference in January 2013, and I dare to believe God will honor the efforts of His servants in Colombia to further expand the Gospel.  To Him be all the Glory and Honor.



Peru Update March 1, 2012

Thanks so much for praying for our recent team to Peru.  Truly God “is able to do above and beyond all we could ask or think, according to the power working within you, to Him be glory in the church throughout all ages, world without end.” Eph 3:20,21

Yes, and amen, to Him be all the Glory!


Highlights of His Glory was to bring us to the Chauita Indians for a day of medical relief and Pastoral training and to bring Bibles and study materials for these precious believers living on the Huallaga river.


To God be the glory for Divine appointments that led to the salvation of our bus driver.  Neverhave I seen such a glorious transformation of life as that of Jorge.  From the beginning he attended all of our services and God’s loving condition brought him into a loving and spirit filled relationship with the living God.  His facial countenance changed so dramatically it was evident to everyone he was a changed man, and was eager to share with everyone around him.  He and many others found themselves confronted with the claims of Christ.  To God be the glory for those who discovered Christ as their Savior.


We saw God’s Glory in a united service of twenty one different churches in Alianza, Peru.

Wow!  Unity on display truly brings God honor.  Jesus prayed in John 17 that unity was the secret to world evangelism.  The world wants to see love in action.  “By this shall me know that you are my disciples if you love one another.”  John 13:35.


God protected us, provided for us and directed our steps every day.  How can I thank you for standing with us? To see God answer prayers daily is no doubt one of the greatest contributor to our faith in Him.


Pray for the new church plant that is nearing completion in Yurimaguas.  Pray for the hundreds of Bibles and tracts to find fertile soil and for renewed hearts of pastors.


We returned filled with joy and for that to God be all the glory!


In Him,