Medical team returns from South Asia

img_1885Our medical team of 8 people just returned from South Asia.  We saw 1429 people and gave general medical care and reading glasses. We worked in conjunction with an indigenous ministry which is reaching out to unreached peoples in their region. In one village they served, there were only a handful of followers whose had come to faith in the last few months as our partners had been working among the people. Another village had a small church begun from a crusade that they had done a couple of years ago.   We saw many people with common medical problems who simply lacked access to care or medicines. Our main impact spiritually was our care and love for the people we served. Open evangelism is much more difficult there now as there have been new government restrictions on believers, so we were mainly just planting seeds. Some accepted prayer, others didn’t. But all were cared for with the love that we have been blessed to be able to share.