Empowering Presence of the “Three Guys”


Medical-Evangelical Mission

26 February – 5 March, 2016

A throttling experience…por lo menos! That is “to say the least”, for me personally it was a lot like the throttle on an engine!  I felt and I saw a “control” and an “energizing presence” of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

When I took an occasional break from seeing patients, and as I walked along the school rooms without books or window panes, and where screens had rusted away, I looked for some shade and a breeze…someplace to cool off.  It was during these breaks, especially, that I saw and felt the presence of the three men observing everything going on at the site. They were dressed in suits and ties and handsomely shined shoes and they quietly moved around the schoolyard compound…nothing missed their observation.

Ezekiel was taken by the hair and shown… these “Three Guys” had a hand on all of us. It. “throttled” us, controlled us, energized us to be in their hands.

Eleven hundred patients visited the five days of clinics for Spiritual care, dental care, medical care, vision care, hundreds of prescriptions for vitamins, for antibiotics, or anti-parasites usually. And there were the innumerable prayers from our prayer teams here in the U.S. for the patients and mission team there.

I watched two very angry/unhappy people reacting to their very real and potentially life threatening medical conditions as they nearly “stomped out” with a “thanks and goodbye!”.  And, I watched them both make a 180 degree turn towards health and comfort after they were literally covered by dozens of hands of Christians who were praying out loud for them. Whatever each patient felt before the prayers was 100% replaced by a positive, cooperative new attitude and I know the “Three Guys” were there too!

I hope you get to GO-International and see lives and your own changed and enriched through Christ; and sense the THROTTLE on your own life opening your heart and soul to God and His love. I did and I do.


Very sincerely,


Phillip H. Yunker M. D.

Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

Getting off the plane in Costa Rica, I expected to be teaching and sharing the love of Christ with others, but who knew I would learn so much about God from a homeless man and a prostitute? First of all, I learned very quickly that God does not call us to be in comfortable situations. Most of the time, the people who need to hear God’s message of hope the most are the ones completely outside of our comfort zones. I experienced this the very first night of the trip as a homeless man sat down right next to me during the church service at Casa Agape. I have never felt more uncomfortable in my entire life. This man smelled bad, he was dirty, he seemed to struggle with some sort of mental illness or addiction, he had no sense of personal space and he was trying to convince me that my friend was the president of the United States! To add onto this unusual situation, there was a drunk man who was getting a little out of hand in the back of the church and was being escorted out during the service. By the way, this church was also right across the street from a brothel. I remember thinking, “wow what have I gotten myself into.” Just as this thought was crossing my mind, the homeless man tapped me on the shoulder and handed me his very last cookie. I saw this small but hugely meaningful gesture as God saying to me, “Rachel, you are okay. You are exactly where I want you.”


Apparently, God also wanted me to be outside on a street corner talking to a prostitute at 12:30 in the morning. God works in all places, even in the strange and dangerous ones. He also works in all people! Never in a million years did I expect to gain a deeper understanding about God’s love from a prostitute in Costa Rica. Just two weeks prior to our trip, this woman had given her life to Christ. Already, she had such a deep understanding of the Holy Spirit working in her life and a profound trust in God that not even the fear of death of a close family member could not sway her. She just seemed so confident in God’s love for her. I remember standing there with others on my team and listening to her story and thinking “wow, this woman has known Jesus for 2 weeks of her life and I’ve known Jesus for 12 years! Yet, sometimes I doubt God’s love for me and I doubt his plan for my life.” What a wake up call for me! In that moment I felt so close to God and so loved as I remembered that God loves her just as much as He loves me. I love God’s sense of humor! As I was thinking I was going to Costa Rica to talk to prostitutes about God’s love, He had a prostitute reveal that undeniable truth to me.




Rachel Poole