June 29-July 7, 2017

Come join our team to Chinandega, Nicaragua!

God Finds Faithful Followers to Share the Gospel… and Translate



On Tuesday, February 9th, 2016, we were invited to participate at an open air evangelistic campaign in Yurimaguas, Peru.  The event took place at a community basketball court with stands surrounding the facility.  I would say about 200 people showed up to the event.  After several worship songs and testimonies and preaching the gospel, many came forward that evening inviting Christ into their hearts.  It was during this event that my focus was not on the event itself but on a home that surrounded the court.  They were playing loud music, laughing and playing cards oblivious to what was going on 200yds next to them.  The Holy Spirit had already nudged me to go to the home and after the invitation with people being prayed for, I went to catch up with my interpreter whose name was Lenny.  When I caught up with him, he was engaged with another team member talking to several people who were on the outside looking in and I knew they were sharing the gospel.  I also knew what the Holy Spirit was asking me to do and since I can’t speak Spanish fluently, I was in a pickle.

As I was standing waiting for him to finish, a young man who I did not know spoke to me in English and asked if we were from the United States.  I, of course, said yes and asked where he had learned English so well.  He said he had studied in the university and watch many movies in English and was self-taught.  It was then he shared how much he appreciated what we were doing there and sharing the gospel.  He said he had always wanted to be used by God to do something and I asked him if he would like to go and help me share the gospel at this house.  He was so excited to do so and we walked over and entered the garage area where they were playing cards.  I introduced myself to the people there and shared with them in the few minutes I had that God had instructed me to come and visit them.  They were gracious and allowed me to speak.  I shared with them about the odds of person coming all the way from Somerset, KY to Yurimaguas, Peru and of all the places and people we could have visited, I was standing in their garage at this very moment to tell you that God knows you and loves you and wants to have a personal relationship with you.  I shared with them about my personal encounter with Jesus and asked if any of them had every invited Jesus into their hearts… I’m sure they were somewhat embarrassed but the reality of this question made everyone uncomfortable but one guy had his attention focused solely on me. I asked each one them what would happen if they stood face to face with a holy and righteous God, and each one gave a variety of answers but this one guy knew he would go to hell and he did not want that to happen.  It was then that we led this young man to receive Christ and that adventure was what the Lord had instructed me to do.

Afterwards, the young man was so excited about God using him, that I invited him to meet with the next day and we would go door to door sharing the gospel.  He asked where the church was and I was hoping for another encounter with him but it didn’t happen.  I never knew his name but I did capture his face in this picture and I can’t help but wonder If God placed this man at the right place and at the right time to be used of God in helping win this gentleman to Christ.
– Written by Kevin Hampton of Somerset, KY

Vocational school provides hand up to Nicaraguans!

Women learning to sew at new vocational school

Women learning to sew at new vocational school


Building picnic tables

“Withhold not good to them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do it.”  Proverbs 3:27


That verse makes me feel uncomfortable, and in fact being around destitute people living in the trash dump near Chinandega, Nicaragua this past month left me puzzling over the question, “Just what can we do?”  Hundreds of folks living in shanty housing, scavenging garbage every day to find something to eat or sell – “what power do we possess to really help these poor people?”

One dream is coming to fruition – the launch of a new vocational school, designed to help some gain a skill like electrical, carpentry and sewing. Last month two GO volunteer teams helped move this vision forward laboring with Nicaraguans to build the new structure, and actually helping with the first week of classes.  We were glad to “give a hand up and not just a hand out.”

I wish you could have seen the faces of those young men and women, when they completed their new dining tables and finished new clothing for their children!  It was pure joy!  They were excited to learn something they could
actually do with their hands to help their families.

Hope is in short supply in places like trash dumps.  The oppressive heat, horrible living conditions, little food and few resources add to their hopelessness every day.

Thank you for your support this month, with what God has given you, we have “the power in our hands to do it.”

During our final days in Limonal (trash dump) we had the privilege to pray with all of our students and many prayed to receive Christ.  New Bibles have been given and new hope has been born. God is good and we are so grateful for your partnership.

In Him,

Larry Cochran



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