A Short Trip to Minister Around the World


Medical students from the Far East hosted by Brookside Church in Chillicothe

Recently I was invited to speak to a group of medical students from the Far East hosted by Brookside Church in Chillicothe, Ohio.  Several of the students belong to a house church located near a medical school.  They were visiting the United States to learn about the American medical system.  They learned about the US medical system and pharmaceutical industry, Christian leadership, and applying faith to medicine.  I was able to share about the Christian approach to  medical ethics and share my testimony and talk with them about finding God’s will in their life.

One of the blessings if the trip was sharing an evening service at the church. I was asked to share about some of my recent mission travels and projects.  Then the students shared about their own medical mission to a remote area of their own country which had great need.  It is amazing what the Lord is doing through them in this part of the world. I was also blessed to see all that Brookside Church is doing to impact the world for Christ.  It was a blessing to be a part of their ministry to theses students.  I am looking forward to staying connected and seeing what the Lord does through the lives of these young people to reach their nation though medicine.  I pray that the Lord will show us how we can continue to nurture these young believers as they continue in their training.

This was one of the shortest mission trips I’ve taken, but it will have an impact that reaches across the world.  As transportation and communication improve around the world, Christians will have more opportunities to impact the world though building relationships with international people.  Maybe you have international people living or studying in your city or neighborhood.  Please take advantage of the opportunity to build relationships with them that will make a difference for the glory of God.