What would you do if a Bible was too Expensive?

This is a question that I have never had to ponder.  I grew up in a Christian home and the scriptures were always within reach and many times I have taken this lightly and for granted.  In Trinidad this question I just posed is a reality.

In March I had the privilege and honor to participate on GO’s Great Spring Break Trip, where we traveled to Trinidad to minister to the people.  What I expected to see was extreme poverty and hopelessness, while there was some of that, what surprised me the most was how much hope I saw in the Trinidadian Christians.  Most of these Christians have been converted from Hinduism or Islam; therefore they feel set free and crave to know Jesus so much more, that it would put most Christians in America to shame.   Unfortunately everything was very expensive in this little country.  In Trinidad it was $6 to our American $1, making Bibles out of reach for most Trini’s.

When I realized this, God pricked my heart, causing me to see that He intended for every one of His children to read His love letter, and I wanted to help these precious people somehow.  Trinidad is unique in the sense that for several years they were ruled by the British government, so much of their customs today are of British influence.  Because of this, the Bible preference of Trinidad is the King James Version.  Ironically, this is also the preference of my home church in Ohio.

When I returned home I explained to my church the situation in Trinidad and their need for Bibles and for the last month we have had a Bible drive. Thankfully, God put the same passion for the Trinidadian people in my church family’s heart, and so far we have gathered 137 Bibles, with no plans of stopping.

God has opened up the doors for me to return in May with another team at GO to administer the Bibles.  I am so excited to be able to hand these Bibles to people in Trinidad and see the joy in their faces as they receive their very own copy of the scriptures.

I challenge you to join forces with us at GO as we work to provide Bibles for Trinidad by mailing Bibles to our headquarters or simply sending donations with“Bibles” in the memo.  As always, we thank you for your prayers and support and we look forward to continue to share with you what God is doing in Trinidad.

God Bless,

Whitney Ward

The Greatest Storyteller of All

Since August I have been privileged to be the staff writer for GO InterNational.  With this job, I have been able to do something  I love to do and that is telling stories.  And not just any stories, but stories of Christ’s love, stories of what God has been doing around the world, and stories of people perusing their passion, while fulfilling The Great Commission.

When I got to thinking about the prospect of telling stories, I had a profound thought:  Jesus loved to tell stories.  Anytime He could, he would share a parable with people that taught them of God’s love.  To this day, Jesus is still the best storyteller, touching people’s lives with stories He told 2,000 years ago.

As Christians, we are supposed to model our Savior, Jesus Christ, the Master Storyteller.  You might think that you don’t have a story to tell, but you do.  Everyone has a story, that Jesus himself is writing.  Let Him hold the pen and write the pages of your story.  There will be times you’ll want to erase a part of your story or there might be twists and turns you never expected and you just don’t know what the next chapter should be.  When that happens all you need to do is look to Jesus, The Greatest Storyteller of all.

God Bless,