24 Things that SMART Leaders Accomplish within 24 Hours

24 Things that SMART Leaders Accomplish within 24 Hours


1.           We live in an age of “smart phones” but not so “smart leaders.”

2.           Define Social Intelligence:

     a.   According to the original definition of Edward Thorndike is “the ability to understand and manage men and women, boys and girls to act wisely in human relationships.”

     b.   It is equivalent to interpersonal intelligence.

     c.   Some have limited the definition to deal only with the knowledge of social situations,

     d.   Understanding your role and setting in a particular society. 

3.           In almost any crisis or opportunity—the 1st 24 hours is extremely critical.

4.           A great start can give you a great advantage in leadership

5.           In an Olympic race—it’s not just about finishing the race—but getting there first.  (That’s what gets you the GOLD medal)

6.            Too many leaders are struggling at the “starting point”  and losing the leadership race.

7.           Truth is if you respond promptly and professionally you will stand out.


TRANSITION:  I want to give you a list that I’ve been developing to help leaders get to the finish line quicker—looking more like a world champion.

 But first—let me share a few “disclaimers” about this list:


a.           Not all leaders will put this list into practice. (NOTICE it say’s SMART LEADERS) 

b.           This list is not necessarily in order of priority.

c.           Often, it is to your advantage to accomplish these things sooner if possible.

d.           There may certainly be exceptions to this list.  There may be times when it is completely appropriate for you NOT to act within the 24 hour time frame.

e.           This list is not exhaustive.  There may be other things you deem necessary to accomplish with 24 hours.   You may develop a longer list than 24 in your leadership.

f.            It’s not advisable to attack this list all at once.  Slowly implement these practices into your leadership performance and it will give you a leadership edge.

g.           It is the combination of this list that gives a cumulative effect.   


24 things that SMART LEADERS accomplish within 24 hours:

 1.           Return all phone calls, emails, texts and messages.

 2.           Take initial action on a decision.   Put an action plan in place. 

 3.           Acknowledge the initial receipt of a gift or act of kindness and say “Thank You”.    Show appropriate appreciation.  

4.           Be intentional about recognition and encouragement for a job well done.  The power of positive reinforcement through recognition.

5.           Open, read and respond to all mail. 

6.           Document and organize any new, creative and innovative ideas or information. 

7.           Give credit where credit is due.   Pass on the praise to others!

8.           Update my “TO DO LIST”   (things to check on or check off the list)

9.           Assume responsibility for any actions, reactions, factions, transactions, inactions or infractions that ultimately come under your authority before they become distractions.

10.        Research a matter fully before making any final decision. 

11.        Follow up and follow through on what I say I’ll do.

12.        Deal with a delayed deadline.  Create and communicate NEW details to everyone involved. 

13.        Be willing to address a mess.  Tackle your tough troubles.  Don’t put them off. 

14.        Show compassion to someone in a crisis.  Lend a helping hand to someone in need.  When you delay acting on a need you delay the blessing that will come when you meet that need.

15.        Review and respond to all requests.  Develop a method of organization that will help you answer all request in a timely and effective manner. 

16.        Report on responsibilities and tasks that have been delegated to you from someone else.

17.        Publicize new information and decisions.

18.        Notify someone on your team about something you noticed that could either be improved or removed.  Feedback is a great way to help someone move forward.   

19.        Deal with an anger issues.  (make sure you calm down before you confront) 

20.        Contact someone who keeps coming to your mind.  You can really impact someone when you act on an impression.

21.        Say “I’m sorry” for anything that was said or done in an insensitive or inappropriate manner.  (settle offenses quickly)

22.        Make final preparation for a presentation.  The last 24 hours before a presentation are critical. 

23.        Make right anything that has been done wrong.  Connect & correct.

24.        Thank God everyday for His blessings and benefits. 



Rev. Bert L. Jones

President & CEO of GO InterNational