Medical Team to Peru

In July a team of 11 people traveled to Peru on a medical team.  The team included seven students from the University of Kentucky Medical and Dental schools and is the result of the partnership between GO InterNational and the Christian Medical and Dental Associations chapter in Lexington.  We also had Gerson Grandez, a dentist from Lima travel with our team.  The team worked with GO partner Wilkinson Grandez, local pastor Raymundo and Eduardo, an engineer who has worked with GO on several clean water projects in the region.

The team traveled to Alianza where we were based for two days.  The first day we traveled up river by small boat for two hours, navigating the sandbars and other obstructions in the low water to reach the village of Alfonso.  There we worked in a local health outpost providing free care and medicines to the poor in the area.  We also saw the community well and filtering system that GO InterNational had helped the community install last year.  At the end of the day we were hosted by the local pastor and saw the church and center he is constructing to reach out to students who travel to the village to live while they attend the only high school in the entire area.  The ministries in Alfonso are a great example of the holistic approach to ministry that GO seeks to implement through our international partners.

After another day serving in a health center in Alianza, the team traveled to Yurimaguas where we served in two other health centers. The villages of Natividad and Indepencia are both on the outskirts of Yurimaguas.  They are new developments in the last five years as the poor from the surrounding region migrate to the city seeking work. The areas are marked by poverty,lack of basic services such as electricity and water, inadequate housing, and lack of access to medical care.  We encountered many needs beyond what our team could provide, but we trust the Lord to bless the efforts we made to help the people.   During each of the clinics, our students taught basic community health lessons and also presented the gospel which can lead people to true healing and life. It was a great opportunity for these young doctors-in-training to be exposed to caring for the poor in the world. As one student said, “it reminded me of what is important and what we are studying for.”

Heading to the Amazon

I thank my God every time I remember you.  In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy 5because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.  Philippians 1:3-5


July 11-20 a GO InterNational medical team will be serving in Alianza and Yurimaguas, Peru, taking care to the needy in the Amazonia region of Peru.  The team will provide medical and dental care, community health teaching and evangelism. Together with partner Wilkinson Grandez, GO InterNational has been active in the region with multiple ministries including church planting, evangelism, pastor training and clean water projects.  Our medical team will be a continuation of our holistic ministry in the region, caring for both the physical and spiritual needs of the people.   This is not an easy part of the world to reach, so pray for our team in it’s travels. Also pray for our partner Wilkinson and for Pastor Raymundo as they seek to help reach the people of the region with the Good News of God’s love for them.  Pray that the medical team will be effective in relieving suffering, demonstrating God’s love, and encouraging our partners and the people we serve.  Above all, please pray for the Lord to be glorified in all we do in Peru.  As you pray, you partner with us to bring God’s love to the world.