Praying for the Nations

Praying for workers in Nepal

Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labors into his harvest.  Luke 10:2

As we think of the National Day of Prayer today, I’m reminded that whatever we do in missions, it all must be rooted in prayer.  It is so easy to get busy with the things we think we need to be doing that we neglect the most important thing.  As Jesus was sending out the seventy-two in Luke 10, he had some instructions for them.  There were some things they needed to know as they went out on their first sort-term mission experience.  Yet the very first thing he told them to do was pray. He specifically told them to pray for more workers.  The task is too big for us.  We need help. We can tell people our needs and try to convince them to help, but the most important thing we can do is pray that the Lord himself will send workers.  After all, it’s his harvest and the workers are his people.  As we seek to impact the world for Christ, let us remember to pray earnestly for workers.  Andrew Murray says,

“The supreme question of foreign missions is how to multiply the number of Christians who will individually and collectively pray for the conversion and transformation of people.  Every other consideration and plan is secondary to that of wielding the forces of prayer….There is nothing that can so closely link us to Jesus Christ as the yielding of our lives to the work of bringing the great redeemer into the hearts and lives of our fellow men.”

Please join us in praying today for our nation. Join us in praying for the nations of the world as we seek to go out into the harvest.  Pray for workers to join us.  When you pray this way, you are praying Jesus’ own prayer request and he will be sure to answer that prayer.