Experience the Cross Mission Conference

I will be speaking this weekend in Pensacola, Florida at St. Luke United Methodist for their 1st Annual Missions Conference.   The Conference will be Friday March 2nd through Sunday March 4th.   The theme for this year’s mission’s conference is “Experience the Cross.”  If you live in the Pensacola, Florida area, I would love for you to come out and join us for the mission’s conference.  Rev. Mike Roberts is the Pastor at St. Luke.  

 Here is the Schedule for the Weekend:


            6:00p.m.          Dinner

            7:00p.m.          Worship service—Bert Jones will be speaking.


            9:00a.m.          Breakfast at the church.

            10:00a.m.        Mission groups sharing.  (Bert Jones speaking to the youth)

             6:00p.m.          Worship service—Bert Jones will be speaking.


            Bert Jones will be speaking at all 3 morning worship services at St. Luke.

            8:00a.m.          Traditional Worship service

            9:30a.m.          Contemporary Worship service.

            10:45a.m.        Traditional Worship Service.


I would love to see some of our GO InterNational family that live in the Pensacola, Florida area.  If you can’t make any of the services—be in prayer for the Missions conference.


God Bless


Maria’s Joy


Imagine being diabetic in a place where you have difficulty getting medical care. You eventually lose your leg due to complications.  You still have to work to live, so you get around on your remainig leg by hopping with the help of a walker.  Then a rat bites yor big toe off.  Then you get an infection in your remainig foot.  That was the situation when I met Maria last year in Puerto Castilla, Honduras.  We cared for her wound, gave antibiotics and prayed for her.  I didn’t have much hope of a good outcome, but we did what we could and placed her in the Lord’s hands.  What a joy to see her yesterday in our return to Puerto Castilla with a healed foot!  It was truly a miracle of God.  Oftentimes in short-term missions, we don’t get the follow up story.  It was a blessing to share in Maria’s joy today and see what the Lord had done for her.  Life is still hard for her. She uses a cart powered by her arms turning a wheel to travel an hour each way to work selling snacks to workers at the shipping docks. She still hops around on her walker in bare feet and has a lot of leg pain as a result. She is still at risk from her diabetes.  But she has something I want, the joy of the Lord. She is fun to be around. And she has faith.  She said, the Lord still wants me to live so here I am.  May we all have Maria’s faith and joy!


Honduras Medical 2/26

Our Honduran friends with their CHE certificates

Today we spent some time with our Honduran church leaders finishing up their Community Health Evangelism(CHE) training. It is a real blessing to see them excited about reaching out and making plans for the next steps.

We went to worship tonight with our church in Puerto Castilla. Worshiping together in English and Spanish was such a blessing, a taste of heaven when people from every tribe, tongue and nation will worship before Him.   Our GO partner from Mexico, Jorge Ramirez preached.  He talked about three hearts, one that is not committed to God (King Saul), a heart that is split betwen God and the world,(King Solomon) and one that is totally committed to God (King David).  The question for each of us, where is your heart?  We pray that yours will be totally committed.

Honduras Medical 2/24

Today we visited Los Colonias where a GO team worked last month to help our partner establish a new church plant.  We brought medical, dental and optometry care to the community. Our partners ministered through health education and evangelism as well.  It was a blessing to see our team work so well together. Often the first day of a medical team is chaotic, but today went very smoothly.  We able to help 273 people with various health needs. We were able to pray with many patients and share God’s love with them as well.  We are also blessed to work with a great team of Honduran helpers and interpreters.  The pharmacy crew was especially touched by the testimony of their interpreter, Cecil. He had been an alcoholic and lived next to the church.  Whenever he heard the church music, his heart would race and he didn’t know why.  Finally he went and responded to Jesus love and invited him into his heart. Now he spends all of his time volunteering to work for the church.  His story  is a real testimony to the ministry of our partner Pastor Ivan and the power of the Lord to change lives.  Thank you to all who pray and support this ministry to make all of this possible. 


Honduras Medical 2/23

Our Community Health Evangelism team has been here in San Pedro Sula training 8 church leaders from our partner church in Puerto Castilla the last 3 days.  It has been a blessing to see them already involved in reaching out to their community and eager to learn how to do more and minister in a wholisitic way through health teaching and evangelism. 

The rest of our medical team arrived this afternoon.  Tomorrow we travel to Trujillo and Saturday we begin the medical, dental, and eye clinics while our partner church volunteers conduct health screenings, health teaching and evangelism.  Pray for us that many people will find healing for their bodies and spirits and pray that God will be glorified in all we do!

Don’t Get Cut off.

One of my earliest childhood memories is of my grandmother’s house.  She lived in a large but old farmhouse as a tenant farmer.  The house itself wasn’t all that warm or cozy, but I remember clearly a plant she had.  The plant was a vine.  Just a regular old vine that most of us have in our homes that brings greenery or freshness to the home.  This vine however was very unique, it hung in the kitchen at the corner of the house, but it didn’t stay there.  The vine stretched around the kitchen to the living room.  From the living room it made its way down the hallway and entered the first bedroom.  No, it didn’t stop there.  Actually it not only went around that room, it continued around every room in the house, except the bathroom, all the way back to the kitchen.  For a small boy like me it was the coolest plant I’d ever seen.

I watched my grandmother carefully prune and care for the vine.  She would water it.  She would carefully walk all along the vine picking off all of the dry and dying portions of the vine.  She was always careful to make sure that neither we nor anything else were causing damage to it.  One night while visiting my grandmother’s house, I was playing as most 8 eight old boys do, rough.  My uncle, my brother, and I were running through the house, and I made a terrible mistake.  While trying to elude my uncle I ran as hard and as fast as I could into a bedroom and slammed the door.  It never crossed my mind what I had done.

A few days later I got off the bus from school and hurried into my grandmother’s house to get the after-school snacks she always had waiting for me.  I sat at the table that day eating the cookies, and when I looked up to the end of the vine that had wrapped itself all around her house, something was different.  It was dying.  As I sat there and looked back and fourth from the end of the vine, to the basket where the vine began.  I was confused.  The vine looked great as it left the basket and entered the living room, but when I looked at the vine returning into the kitchen it was dry and browning.  What had happened? Why was the vine dying?  My young mind was confused.  The plant that I was so impressed with was dying.  The Plant that literally reached around the entire house was withering.  The Plant that brought joy to every room in the house could no longer.  Why? The Plant had been cut off from its source of life.   All because of me.

Today I have been reminded of that plant and that story so many times.  Working for an organization that strives to reach around the world.  I am reminded constantly of the needs of God’s people around the world.  I see first hand the desperation and darkness that comes from not know the Love of a Savior.  In knowing these things I see that great need for God’s people to be His witnesses the very ends of the earth, as described in Acts 1:8.   “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”  God certainly has called each of us to be His witnesses around the world, but there is another key piece of instruction in that verse.   A point I pray we never forget.   That first, before we go, we need His power.  In Luke 24:28-49, Jesus appeared to His disciples and spoke to them that they would be His witnesses to the earth.  That is not all He said.  “You are witnesses of these things.  I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high.”   He told them to wait, not to go until they had received power from on high.  We can’t be the witnesses God wants us to be with out waiting on and seeking the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  It truly is the source of life in ministry.

Like my grandmother’s plant, we have the opportunity to reach all around the world in which we live in.  We have the opportunity to bring the Joy of the Lord to every corner of the earth.  We can travel to the ends of the earth, to every tribe and tongue, but without the Power that Christ told His followers to wait for, our efforts are meaningless.  Sure we do need to Go.  Sure, God called us to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth.  To do that, we must protect ourselves from being cut off from the power. Like my grandmother did with her plant, we must carefully care and prune ourselves.  We must tend to every blemish and get nourishment from the Word.  Continue to be connected to the Power Source and then reach out to the whole world. Till the whole world hears…

Serving in India

I am serving this week in Mysore, India. I was honored to preach yesterday to a congregation of several hundred. We sang worship songs in four different languages, English, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi. What an experience! I think that must be what heaven will be like when every tribe and tongue and nation worship before the throne.

Our host, Tim & Karla Shamala pastor the church here and operate the school and crisis center. It is an amazing place that is a always a flurry of activity. Their school has 500 children each day, the church is planting multiple congregations across the city and the crisis center is ministering to the needs of the very poor.

I am amazed at what God is doing in India. Our plan is to partner with Tim and Karla to help fulfill the great commission here in Mysore. I hope you will join us.

Perspectives Course in Dothan, Alabama

I was asked this month to teach lesson 4 of the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.  I had an opportunity to teach the class on “Mandate for the Nations.”  That is one of my favorite lessons in the whole course.  It focuses on the impact of the Great Commission.  It looks at the 5 key Great Commission passages and from a Biblical perspective outlines what the Great Commission means.  We had a great time with the people from the Dothan area that have committed to go through this course.  If you have never taken this course, I recommend that you Google it and find one that is being offered in your area.  This course is foundational in comprehending the task of completing the Great Commission.  Email me if you would be interested in having me come to your church or group and teach on Great Commission.  It is one of my favorite subjects to teach on from the Scriptures.



Medical Team Heading to Honduras

GO InterNational and a team of twenty volunteers from the Refuge Medical Clinic in Lexington, KY will be heading to Trujillo, Honduras Feb 21-March 2.  Four team members will travel on Feb. 21 and conduct 3 days of training in Community Health Evangelism with our host church which is led by  our partner, Pastor Ivan Gallindo Paz.  We will be joined by the rest of our team who arrive Feb. 23. We will conduct several medical, dental and optometry clinics in the Trujillo area while our national partners implement their Community Health Evangelism training by providing preventive health education and evangelism outreach.  Please pray for our team for health, safe travel, team unity, and the we would glorify Jesus and make his name known among the people of Honduras.  Pray for our Honduran ministry partners and for the people in the communities that the team serves. We will post updates on this blog during our time in Honduras, so check back here for updates in the next couple of weeks.

Take One – Take Two

I was recently speaking at Christ Community Church in Montgomery, Alabama at my dear Friend Keith Waldrop’s church. Keith is a member of the board of directors at GO InterNational. Since I was going down to speak at his church, he asked me to record a video message for a brach campus they have at Troy University. I was excited to speak to the students via video on the subject of missions. Keith has over 150 students that come each Sunday for live worship and then watch a message from Pastor Keith.

The stage was set— the lights were on and the recording started. Keith kicked off the session with an introduction of GO and turned the stage over to me for the recording. I poured my heart out for 27 minutes challenging the students to understand the importance of the Great Commission. When I finished I concluded in prayer and Keith came up to do a little interview about the ministries of GO InterNational and how students could get involved in Going into all the World.

We signed off and were walking off the stage when from the sound booth we heard these words…”OH NO”. The wire to the video recorder had come unplugged moments into the message and there was NOTHING but a blank screen on the recurring. Action— TAKE TWO. Practice makes perfect. We started all over and this time I think we got it. Here was the theme of that message “Lord give us a greater ambition for the Great Commission.” Contact our office and we will tell how you can get an electronic copy of that message.’

God Bless

Bert Jones